I‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ is a phrase I grew up with; it’s Latin for ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’. As I’ve gone along on my journey I’ve come to realise we are so much more than just a physical frame with a mind. There is no doubts in my mind that we are first and foremost spiritual beings. On making this connection for myself I became hooked on attending spiritual workshops and then on becoming teacher trained and qualified in whatever I was drawn to at that time, Louise Hay, Yoga, massage, energy healing (various types). I have been on more transformational workshops/retreats over the last 2 decades than I can remember. I have written a spiritual book and now look forward to getting it published (it will be great to share it with other like-minded souls). 

I qualified with a Sports related BA (Hons) back in the ‘90s and regularly nudged alongside and up close to elite athletes. I worked my socks off at a couple of large international sports events but loved every minute of being in the mix of diversity, ability, success, and of course ‘failure’. I realised I loved combining work and travel and so I joined a global airline where I was a long haul stewardess and also a trainer. I had a lot of free time to practice more yoga and meditation in my hotel rooms and connect with the spirituality of which ever country I was in. It was a huge privilege to become an Airline UNICEF Ambassador giving me opportunities to witness first-hand the struggles, complexities, rawness but over-whelmingly the sense of gratitude and community that exists on our planet…truly unforgettable and life changing. I became aware of how precious our planet was when I saw the daily miles that the elderly, crippled and young kids were walking to get water and an education.  Overnight I realised and accepted how new and shiny, nice to have things don’t really matter…access to clean water, education, community, spiritual & physical nourishment & connecting to your soul's purpose do! I became aware of how wasteful, how ungrateful and how disrespectful we can be of our beautiful, always giving, loving and supportive planet.


Wildly Divine (WD) has been something I have wanted to start for years. The time is now right and the energies are aligning to allow me to be of service to others and our planet; it definitely feels in alignment with my soul's calling.

I am very passionate about helping people to connect with their own hearts and passions and supporting them to hear and trust their own soul's calling. WD is a platform that will bring experts in to support this individual healing, growth and transformation and is also able to offer support to heart centred professionals who may need/be looking for a helping hand in widening their message and business. We are all connected to each other and to our planet. We are now in a phase of our global consciousness where we are awakening and remembering the importance of connecting to our own authentic selves, remembering our own true selves. It’s time to embrace and live life from our heart energy bringing connection, compassion and love in to our daily lives. We are awakening to become more human ‘beings’ operating from our ‘feeling’ hearts rather than human ‘doings’ trying to simply work it out and force solutions from our thinking minds.


We hope to grow ourselves as time goes on and be able to offer even more to everyone who gets involved either as a participant, workshop leader/speaker or volunteer.. we love and need you all. Thank you for showing up, you are truly a very valued part of Wildly Divine and know that you are creating a massive positive shift in the world we all share.


With Love , thank you.