Wild Spring Experiences

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Kate’s unique approach to personal growth and spiritual development incorporates the entire being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Her distinctive and unique gift enables her to read energetic fields and bring release, healing and the clearing of blocks, old patterns, negative beliefs and challenging life experiences.


This process brings you into alignment with your soul and fosters a higher state of connection and balance.  


Over the years Kate has allowed her inner guidance to shape the way in which she works.  In her personal consultations she offers a creative mix of everything she has found to be most useful and effective.  By choosing to work with Kate you are signing up for a transformational process in which every aspect of your life and being is addressed.

1:1 Sessions (60 mins)

Wild Soul Connections

Thursday 3rd May 2018

It's An Inside Job!


Rebalance, Rejuvenate,   

Reenergise, Restore &

Re connect with your soul from the Inside out.


This is a whole day aimed at integrating your mind, body and soul based on the five elements of soul nourishment ie Connecting with your life purpose, what you eat and how you feel about it, how you move, what you love and switching off...quite literally!

The day will start with South African based Kate Spreckley from Spirit Pathways and will be shared with other transformational & passionate experts renowned in their fields for their compassion, expertise, love and wisdom.


All our speakers live and share authentically and sincerely from their hearts.

 Connect With Your Own Wild Soul

Friday 4th May 2018

Nature has it Covered! 


Come & learn about the phenomenal gut busting & super healing powerful benefits of using plants in your every day diet! 


You will leave these workshops loaded with oodles of practical plant based nutritional tips that you can easily use every day in your own kitchen.


You will end the day feeling inspired to become a healthier you - mentally, physically & even spiritually! 

Fermentation Workshop:

A relaxed but informative practical based workshop aimed at anyone who wants to learn how easy & affordable it is to ferment every day foods.


Learn why restoring the natural 'gastrointestinal microbiota' is vital for significantly boosting long term overall health benefits such as improved digestion, weight loss, immunity, metabolism and is so effective at  neutralising toxins, inflamation, anxiety, allergies & depression to name but a few medical conditions. In today's modern world of 'overload' you can't afford to ignore your gut health!


Vegan Nutrition: 

In this interactive session we will explore why people choose a vegan lifestyle and zoom in on the topic of nutrition. The health benefits of plant foods will be discussed and participants will leave with an understanding of how vegans hit their nutritional targets.

Get Wild About Plant

Based Food

Saturday 5th May 2018